IP and SIP Trunk Network Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting – IP

IP Traffic + CDR

Daily Summary IP & SIP-Trunk Network Anaytics is a turnkey system capable of monitoring 10Gbit/sec network non-intrusively at the Telco demarcation point (DP). It is used to provide network analytics of all business applications over high-speed networks, without adding latency, dropping packets and depleting the resources of internal networks and application servers during peak traffic periods.

Working around the clock, Smart SIP-IP Meter provides 4-year traffic and Call Detail Record (CDR) of all IP end-points crossing DP, making it possible for users to:

  • analyze the Quality of service (QoS, bi-directional bandwidth usage, maximum upload and dowbload speed and the number of sessions) and CDR of all IP end-points, IP-IP routes, TCP/UDP-port applications over daily and monthly periods for the last 4 years
  • validate QoS and routing table of internal routers and servers against DP data to ensure network performance
  • analyze traffic abnormalities based on 4-year DP data to identify potential network threats
  • perform network forensics, quickly search how much bandwidth, when and who have accessed networks in the last 4 years
  • perform network security audit, register all phone numbers, IPs, and application TCP/UDP ports exposed to the public
  • comply to regulatory requirements
Daily lists of the most active 128 IP endpoints, IP – IP routes, and TCP/UDP ports used by applications.
IP Overview Screenshot
Monthly Traffic Daily Traffic + CDR
Monthly overview of daily network activities, bandwidth, upload and download speed of any IP endpoint, route, and business application. 24-hour view of network traffic and associated CDRs of selected IP endpoint, route, and application.
IP Monthly Traffic Screenshot IP Daily Traffic Screenshot