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CLOUD Traffic Monitor, Analytics and Troubleshooting

CLOUD isn't untouchable. You can collect Internet Traffic Analytics for network forensic and troubleshooting application performance as if CLOUD infrastructure is located in your office. This video shows you the simple steps to get started.

Internet Traffic Meter - Window Console

As is the case with water and electricity, Internet is an essential business utility measurable by smart metering. Prilink's Internet Traffic Meter provides precise analytics to the Cloud that is easy for business to analyze, protect and improve their online services. Internet Traffic Analytic Cloud is composed of Window Console and QuickSight Dashboard. This video demonstrates how to use Window Console for network forensic and ad hoc troubleshooting.

Internet Traffic Meter - QuickSight Dashboard

This video demonstrates how you can use QuickSight Dashboard to quickly evaluate Internet performance and traffic anomalies for periods up to 31 days.

Network Traffic Analytic (NTA) Cloud for Contact Center

NTA Cloud is a SaaS providing Network Traffic Analytics. This video explains how contact center can use it to improve collaboration among employees and vendors.

SIP Traffic Analytic Cloud for Contact Center

Demonstrate how contact center can use SIP Traffic Analytic Cloud to quickly analyze customer experience from the network traffic and voice quality perspectives.