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Telco Demarcation Point (DEMARC)

With millions of customer calls and business transactions carried over Telco networks every day, it is crucial for UC/CC and enterprise to have the right information to manage their network connections.

Since all calls pass through DEMARC, it is the only access point to compile Voice Network Analytics for business to find out " What is going on with my network ? " - quickly and effortlessly.

Telco Network Metadata

  • Monitor Telco networks in real-time from your cell phone
  • Validate the call statistics from UC/CC performance metrics before making business decision
  • Collaborate effectively with Telco to assure network performance based on the evidence from DEMARC
  • Analyze traffic anomalies and call blockage that are hurting business but hidden or unreported by SBC
  • Stop guessing whether business application or external network is causing the problems experienced by customers
  • Receive traffic alerts whenever the call volume and call blockage of key phone numbers exceed thresholds
  • Audit SIP trunk and all endpoints voice quality


Our SIP Trunk and IP network analytics are simple to use and available over the Cloud or on-premises. It starts from taking a few minutes to attach a smartphone sized Telco-meter to the network monitor port - no slowdown and no configuration change to SIP-trunk SBC and IP router.

Once this is done, business can monitor up to 64 CCs from a single Windows desktop and store data in a local hard drive. The cost of storing 24/7/365 analytics is minimal, it requires only 5 GB to save 1-year’s worth of data from a CC with 32K daily calls.