Direct Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) from network

Traffic Clarity

Traffic Clarity

Keeping track of network capacity and the usages of all endpoints that you do and don’t know, 24 x 7 x 360.
QoS Insights

QoS Insights

Network QoS measured by interruptions and the package loss of RTP sessions for all voice and video communications.
Traffic Clarity


Our analytics are available through API, online or downloading to your PC. Answers are ready for network audit, forensic and more. For ultimate troubleshooting experiences, you can capture packets from network to PC for DPI.

Our Approach

Simple Scalable Low cost
Simple Anywhere Low COst
Network is a business utility like electricity. Getting network traffic analytics is simple, you just need our IP-meters that can be installed in few minutes. Virtual or physical ip-meter is available to analyse the mirrored or inline traffic in the cloud, data centres and onsite. Our meter compiles network traffic analytics in real-time, generating compact metadata that require little storage space and transfer bandwidth to the cloud or directly to your PC.