T-QuickSight Launch Instructions

  • Launch “Easy Cloud Traffic, T-QuickSight” instance via 1-click. Wait approximately 4 minutes for the instance to initialize.
    EC2 launch instance
  • The instance requires a 2nd network interface to receive mirrored traffic. Create a 2nd network interface and attach it to the instance as follows:
    1. In the Amazon EC2 Console, select Security Groups under Network & Security.
      EC2 console network and security
    2. Click Create security group, and create a new security group in the same VPC as the instance. Add a single Inbound rule allowing all traffic from any source, and delete any Outbound rules.
      create security group
    3. In the EC2 Console, select Network Interfaces under Network & Security. Click Create network interface, and create a new network interface using a subnet in the same availability zone as the instance, and the security group created in the previous step.
      Create network interface
    4. Select the new network interface and choose Attach from the Actions menu to attach the interface to the instance.
      Attach network interface
  • Create a traffic mirror session, and specify the new interface as a mirror target.
    1. In the VPC Console, select Mirror Targets under Traffic Mirroring.
      VPC Console Traffic mirroring
    2. Click Create traffic mirror target and create a traffic mirror target using the 2nd network interface that you attached to the instance in a previous step.
      create traffic mirror target
    3. Select Mirror Filters under Traffic Mirroring. Click Create traffic mirror filter and create a traffic mirror filter that accepts all inbound and all outbound traffic.
      create traffic mirror filter
    4. Select Mirror Sessions under Traffic Mirroring. Click Create traffic mirror session and create a traffic mirror session using the mirror target and mirror filter that you just created. Set Mirror source to be a network interface of any resource that you want to monitor.
      create traffic mirror session 0
      create traffic mirror session 1
  • Visit the URL http://ec2traffic.com/ and enter your AWS account number to view subscription status. Use the login information provided on the Subscription Status page to access QuickSight network traffic analytics.
    ec2traffic.com screen