PRI-demarc is an online service providing accurate network analytics by metering at the Telco demarc – in front of PBX.   Using this service, call centre managers can monitor all ACD queues at front and online,  generate comprehensive ACD report including solid demarc reference, and optimize ACD resources during peak hours with minimum call-blockage – delivering the best customer service experiences.

pri-dashboard Online PRI dashboard provides the real-time view of all B-channel activities and the overview of call centre traffic.
acd-summary ACD dashboard provides the real-time view of call traffic and blockage of individual and aggregated ACD queues.
pri-report Daily R-report and analytics, including all blocked calls at demarc, of ACD and DID.
sms-alert-icon Send SMS alert for T1/E1 circuit failure and ACD traffic anomalies as defined by queue threshold.
wrench-screwdriver-icon Simply connect demarc-meter to the T1/E1 monitor jacks and get on to our service in 5 minutes.