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Demarcation Point Network Analytics

As customers, business partners, cloud services, call and data centres are all interconnected to the networks of telecommunication companies (Telco) through the demarcation point (DP), it is the best network access point to monitor business communication.

Capable of non-intrusively metering IP, PRI and SIP-Trunk network traffic and generating call detail records (CDR) of all IP end-points and phone numbers in real-time at DP, Prilink's solutions provide business with an accurate network analytics and dashboard of networks from 1 to 64 locations.

Telco Network Analytics Applications

  • Incorporate Telco networks into the operational performance metrics to optimize customer services and business operations
  • Validate the Quality of Service (QoS) settings of edge router, Border Session Controller (SBC), SDN, NFV and business applications
  • Optimize work force management and CRM systems to improve customer experiences and to reduce the number of caller being blocked at the DP
  • Perform network forensics, security, DDoS and compliance audits of all IP end-points and phone numbers
  • Quickly differentiate network from business application problems to bring business back to normal
  • Capture data packets from DP to Wireshark, visualization and network intrusion detection (IDS) tools
  • Collaborate effectively with Telcos to verify Service Level Agreement (SLA), and network provisioning based on DP history
Simple and Cost Effective

Designed to be simple to implement and use, Prilink's monitor system consists of a single standalone Windows desktop software, small sized smart meters, and a mid range PC to store data 24x7x365.

Compatible to all Telco networks and business communication platforms, business can quickly deploy our solution to networks from 1 to 64 global sites and start saving the time and costs of network analytics, traffic monitor and troubleshooting.

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