Combining your business knowledge and our self-serve Network Traffic Monitor, you are the master of your business network

Telecommunication Network

Everyone is a network expert with daily experiences of Mobile and Internet services. It is similar for business except that there are more options for connecting locations and cloud services. Basic network design is simple. It involves procuring network bandwidth and assigning higher priority or Quality of Service (QoS) to voice and critical network traffic, it is same for transport networks as emergency vehicles and public transits are given higher priority and dedicated lanes. With fundamental experiences like these, you can be the master of your TELCO network given an independent network traffic monitor that can do the following:

1. Provide granular traffic information so that you can validate the priority of voice and critical data applications. Network bandwidth priority is set by the QoS parameters in business and home network routers.

2. Provide 24/7/365 network metadata that can identify network endpoints. Metadata is similar to the cellphone records providing phone#, timestamp and busy status. This is necessary to reveal unsolicited network connections, spyware traffic and external Cyber threats.

3. Provide details to validate Service Level Agreement (SLA) promised by vendors.

Network Metering

Intelligence from the Telco demarcation point (DEMARC)

As all network traffic passes through DEMARC, it is the best point for monitoring. It is similar to the utility meters for homes and commercial buildings, but different in the way that Internet traffic, cloud services and network endpoints can be identified using the MAC address, IP address and phone number.

Based on this metering idea, PRILINK’s Network Traffic Monitor can analyze granular network traffic in real-time, generate metadata covering all endpoints and more – monitor can filter network traffic from DEMARC so that you can troubleshoot network and application problems using Wireshark and open-sourced utilities.

Data from our portable monitor are compact, a single notebook computer with 1TB spare storage can control and store full-year data from multiple monitors. Therefore you can stay on top of TELCO network without expansive storage and logistic costs.

Self-serve Network Traffic Monitor

Self-serve Network Traffic Analytic

Installation our monitor is as easy as buying a Wi-Fi router from computer store and installing it in home network.

1 install PRILINK’s standalone monitor software to a Windows PC. 2 connect monitor to DEMARC through network-tap or the mirror port from firewall. (*) 3 assign a static IP address to monitor that the PC can reach

Inside the CLOUD

You can monitor the network connections dedicated to your CC/UC and other services inside the CLOUD. It is not much different from on-premise installation, collaboration Is key. CLOUD facilities are shared resources and security and change protocols are in place for compliance requirements. It is worth for the wait as the internal analytics from the CLOUD is geared for resources management and provisioning, missing the network traffic analytics for your business.

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(*): Installation Diagram: