SIP-Trunk DEMARC Monitor Implementation

Step 1: Connect SIP meter to DEMARC mirror port
SIP-trunk Monitor Implementation Mirror Port


SIP screens


Voice Quality
Bi-directional audio bandwidth used by every call at DEMARC

SIP Dashboard
SIP call traffic and CDR in every 15 minute interval

Endpoint Dashboard
Exact ACD call volume and number of blocked calls

Traffic Analyzer
Daily / monthly call traffic stats over the last 4 years

CDR Summary
Daily most active phone numbers by call volume

Protocol Analyzer
Identify the root cause of call failure

IP bandwidth dashboard
IP bandwidth, speed & CDR in every 15 minute interval

Report / Excel
Generate reports using R language and export to Excel

Email alert
Send email alert for SIP failure and traffic anomalies

Step 2: Connect SIP meter to LAN
SIP-trunk Monitor Implementation Static IP
Step 3: Install Windows App to PC