SIP-Trunk DEMARC Monitor

Telco network is an integral part of business voice communication, but it is hidden from the scope of internal Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Centre (CC) analytics. Our SIP-Trunk DEMARC monitor analyzes the SIP signalling and RTP audio stream of every call passing through the Telco demarcation point. It provides an accurate SIP-Trunk analtyics that eliminates any guesswork about telco network and adds a SIP-Trunk network baseline to UC/CC analytics.

SIP Trunk Monitor from Telco demarcation point

dashboard-icon SIP-trunk dashboards visualize the activities of Telco network in real-time, from IP to voice application layer. At a glance, users can distinguish anomalies from the normal inbound and outbound traffic. analytics-icon DEMARC Analytics is a 24/7/365 network baseline database that contains the IP bandwidth, call traffic of up to 128 voice groups, Call Detail Record (CDR), call blockage and MOS voice quality measured at the SIP-Trunk demarcation point, useful for many applications, such as Telco collaboration, UC/CC analytics, Work Force Optimization (WFO) and caller identification. Implemented in minutes, it is versatile and simple to use. The only requirements are a small hard drive and Microsoft Excel Templates to analyze daily CSV files (it requires only 5 GB to save 1-year’s worth of daily CSV files from a UC/CC site with 32K daily calls.)   Read more …
endpoint-icon Endpoint dashboards track up to 128 voice groups in real-time. Using Web UI, supervisors can monitor any voice channels from the Telco network and quickly optimize UC/CC resources to minimize call blockage during peak hours. analyzer-icon Analyzer provides an easy to use interface to search and analyze SIP-trunk traffic and IP and SIP endpoints, over the last 400 days. Not only is it a support tool for internal business groups, it also provides comprehensive analytics for CC to collaborate effectively with Telco regarding SIP-trunk QoS, SLA, provisioning and service performance.
voice quality Voice Quality is important to customer experience and often measured as MOS score. Our analytics provides the MOS score for all calls from the Telco and CC sides. MOS, taken from DEMARC, is not limited to identify Telco side problems, it also reveals the hidden performance issues of CC undetected by other alternatives. Read more … Wireshark-icon Troubleshooting: Stop guessing whether application or Telco is causing the problems experienced by customers. Our platform enables users to trace calls from application endpoints to DEMARC, and capture IP packages from DEMARC to Wireshark safely even during heavy live traffic.
R-Project-icon Report: With full visibility of Telco network, our report includes voice channel utilization, precise traffic profiles of up to 128 voice groups, CDR of all external and internal call endpoints, accurate CDR timestamp in microsecond and SIP response code of blocked calls at DEMARC. email-icon Traffic Alert: Network traffic measurement is crucial to call routing and resource planning. Using DEMARC visibility and Network Time Protocol (NTP), our platform compiles precise traffic and sends email alert that matters. Alerts are triggered by the events of IP bandwidth anomalies, SIP-trunk traffic anomalies and when the active calls of special phone numbers exceed thresholds.

How does it work?

We monitor the demarcation point of SIP-trunk using a smartphone sized IP-meter attached to the network tap or mirror port of edge router. Engineered for SIP-trunk up to 5,000 active calls, our meter analyzes every IP packet in real-time and accurately compile the analytics of SIP-trunk and all IP and SIP endpoints. Data is transmitted to a local Windows server/PC or to the cloud over Internet.

Why do I need SIP-Trunk DEMARC monitor?

For mission critical operations such as UC/CC, it is a best practice to use independent analytics to validate performance metrics. Compiled at DEMARC, our analytics is independent from SBC/PBX and is the baseline reference to validate CC performance. It also improves the work experience of CC managers when it comes to Telco network visualization, network monitor and forensic, business support, VQM and SIP-trunk troubleshooting.

Is it easy to scale?

Yes, our platform can simultaneously monitor 64 SIP-trunks worldwide.

Service (*) Product
QoS-icon  SIP-trunk Dashboards check-icon check-icon
endpoint-icon  Endpoint Dashboards check-icon check-icon
voice-quality-icon  Voice Quality check-icon check-icon
R-Project-icon  Report check-icon check-icon
analytics-icon  DEMARC Analytics (**) check-icon check-icon
analyzer-icon  Analyzer check-icon
Wireshark-icon  Troubleshooting check-icon
email-icon  Traffic Alert check-icon

(*): SIP-Trunk DEMARC Analytics as a Service (SAaaS).

(**): DEMARC analytics data are stored in daily CSV files that can be easily exported to Excel, workforce optimization (WFO) and other BI systems.

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