IP and SIP Trunk Network Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting – SIP

SIP Traffic + CDR

Monthly SIP Traffic IP & SIP-Trunk Network Anaytics is carrier and call-platform neutral, capable of providing 4-year multi-layer network analytics. Our Data is incorporated into call centre performance metrics, so that business can optimize entire customer service operations from Telco demarcation point (DP) to workforce management – leaving nothing unaccounted for.


  • Display bi-directional SIP trunk traffic and call details over daily and monthly periods for the last 4 years
  • Optimize call handling to reduce the number of blocked calls based on DP traffic and CDR statistics
  • Validate high-level call statistics from CRM system against baseline network analytics
  • Collaborate effectively with Telcos to verify SIP trunk Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on DP history
Monthly overview of daily SIP traffic, peak simultaneous calls, and bi-directional call volume.
SIP Trunk Monthly Traffic Screenshot
Daily SIP Traffic
24-hour view of SIP traffic and associated CDRs of selected SIP trunk.
SIP Trunk Daily Traffic Screenshot
Daily CDR Summary Monthly CDR
Daily lists of the most active 128 SIP phone numbers, sorted by call volume.
SIP Number Overview Screenshot
Monthly overview of daily call volume for selected SIP phone number, including answered and failed calls.
SIP Number Monthly Traffic Screenshot
Blocked SIP CDR  
Auto register all SIP calls and save CDR for 4 years. SIP CDR contains:

  • Internal/External phone number and display name
  • Call time-stamp, duration and direction (inbound / outbound)
  • Call conclusion: answer/abandon/error status and SIP response code. SIP response code can identify the cause and origin of call failure.
SIP Number Daily Traffic Screenshot