PRI Network Analytics, Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting

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PRI Network Analytics is an easy to use and cost effective system for business to supervise UC/CC operation.

Our system provides a 4-year network analytics and can be used to troubleshoot network problems in real-time. The analytics includes the traffic of all PRI trunks, DIDs and user-defined traffic groups, and the call detail record (CDR) of all calls crossing the demarcation point. The CDR contains the Q.931 call setup parameters, message sequence, call release cause code and the PRI traffic background.

CC managers use our network analytics to optimize workforce, reduce the number of blocked calls, and collaborate effectively with Telcos regarding the network provisioning and service level agreement (SLA). Furthermore our solution generates daily business reports in PDF and CSV formats that can easily be integrated into other business management systems.

Our detailed traffic and CDR information are useful for CC managers to quickly troubleshoot whether the Telco network or internal system is causing the problems experienced by their customers. Using our system, users can also define traffic alerts based on the call parameters, D-channel status, traffic anomalies and T1/E1 circuit failure. The alerts are displayed in real-time and can be automatically delivered via e-mail to any number of recipients.

PRI Network Analytics Software

pdf-iconDownload Brochure