PRI DEMARC Monitor Implementation

Step 1: Connect PRI meter to DEMARC    (2-T1 meter shown, 8-T1 meter available)
PRI implementation Bridge Adapter PRI implementation Monitor Jacks
Step 2: Connect PRI meter to LAN PRI screens

PRI call traffic and blockage for the last 64 days

ACD Groups
Hourly / daily ACD traffic for the last 64 days

Live B-channel
Real-time display of Bch activity on up to 64 T1/E1

Live D-channel
Diagnostic info indicating signal quality and continuity

Live Q.931 CDR
Real-time Q.931 messages of calls in progress

Quickly analyze call traffic statistics over the last 4 years

Report / Excel
Generate reports using R language and export to Excel

Email alert
Send email alert for T1/E1 failure and traffic anomalies

PRI implementation Static IP
Step 3: Install TelcoDP-PRI to a Windows PC