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PRI Traffic

PRI Summary Month Screenshot PRI Network Analytics provides an unobstructed view of inbound and outbound PRI traffic over the last 64 days. The data from our monitor can be displayed in both a daily and monthly view. Measurements include the number of answered, abandoned and blocked calls, B-channel utilization, causes of not answered calls, and D-channel statistics.

By providing a breakdown of call statistics based on Q.931 cause code, our monitor allows users to quickly pinpoint the most common reasons why calls are not being answered. Furthermore, by accurately measuring the peak B-channel usage alongside call volume on an hourly and daily basis, the task of optimizing B-channel provisioning is greatly simplified for network managers.

PRI Overview PRI Traffic
Summary of T1/E1 usage, call volume, Q.931 cause codes and D-ch statistics. Bi-directional peak B-ch, answer/abandon/blocked call volumes for each day in the last 64.
PRI Summary Day Screenshot PRI Summary Month Screenshot