PRI Network Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting – DID

DID Traffic

DID Analyzer PRI Network Anaytics automatically tracks all DID phone numbers and records hourly traffic statistics for each DID in both inbound and outbound directions. Traffic statistics include the number of answered, abandoned, and blocked calls, as well as the maximum and minimum number of B-channels in use by the DID during the hour.

In addition to providing raw hourly records, our system can quickly analyze and summarize DID traffic statistics over any 100-day period in the last 4 years. The results of this analysis are presented in both table and graphical format. With minimal effort, managers can produce DID reports that visually identify the busiest DIDs and the DIDs with the highest call blockage.

In addition, all DID traffic records and summary data can be exported to CSV files for use with tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Graphical display of call volume for all DIDs, broken down into answered, abandoned and blocked calls.
DID Statistics Analyzer Screenshot
DID Traffic Records DID Traffic Summary
Hourly traffic records for all DID, including call volume and max / min B-channel usage. Summary of traffic statistics for all active DIDs over any 100-day interval.
DID Statistics Traffic Record Screenshot DID Statistics Traffic Summary Screenshot