Telco network is an integral part of business voice communication, but it is hidden from the scope of internal UC/CC analytics. Our PRI DEMARC monitor analyzes the Q.931 signalling of every call passing through the Telco demarcation point, it helps companies to eliminate any guesswork about PRI performance and enhance UC/CC analytics and workforce optimization (WFO).


PRI Visibility Although CRM software provides high-level call statistics, CC managers will find a very different picture of call routing, B-channel usage and customer call-blockage at Telco demarc during busy hours.

Missing the Telco network baseline negatively impact the integrity of business voice key performance indicators (KPI).

By compiling PRI analytics at demarc in real-time and streaming data into a Windows PC, TelcoDP-PRI is a PRI Analytics App that is simple and accurate.

Starting at $30 a day, it is a cost effective business quality assurance solution. It also helps managers to easily monitor and quickly troubleshoot any PRI worldwide.

PRI Monitor
pri-dashboard Provides a real-time view of Telco network. With full visibility, managers can reliably monitor call-blockage and identify any traffic anomalies during busy hours. Excel Raw data files can be easily exported into Excel and other systems. Managers can create a complete voice KPI metrics starting from Telco network to business objectives.
pri-report Daily R-Report-report providing the details of B-channel activities, all blocked calls, maximum channel usage per ACD queue and more … email-alert-icon By comparing the real-time traffic versus patterns from previous weeks TelcoDP-PRI can intelligently detect traffic anomalies, including PRI circuit failure, during busy hours.