PRI Network Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting – Q.931

Q.931 CDR

Live Q.931 CDR By monitoring PRI networks at the demarcation point and analyzing Q.931 protocol in real-time, PRI Network Analytics generates Call Detail Records (CDR) that contain troubleshooting information that is unavailable from internal call management systems. CDR includes Q.931 call setup parameters, message sequence, call release cause code, and the PRI traffic background during call setup.

Using our system, network managers can quickly search any blocked call in the last 4 years and immediately pinpoint why the call was blocked using the Q.931 cause code and other call details. In addition, CDR data from a group of calls can be summarized to the reveal most common reasons for call blockage during a problem period.

All CDRs and summary data can be exported to CSV files for use with tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Real-time Q.931 messages of calls in progress along with live Call Detail Records.
PRI Live Call Screenshot
Call Detail Records (CDR) CDR Summary
Individual CDR for a typical blocked call, showing Q.931 call setup parameters, message sequence, and call release cause code. Summary of CDR data over any 100-day period, including a breakdown of call volume by Q.931 cause code.
PRI Statistics CDR Screenshot PRI Statistics CDR Summary Screenshot