IP/SIP Report

Note: This add-on is already included in PrilinkNM version 0.19.0 or greater. Only install this add-on if you have an older version of PrilinkNM.

Download and Install:

  • Step 1: If you have installed a previous version of Prilink IP Report, uninstall it using Control Panel Add/Remove Programs (ensure that the program you select for removal is named “Prilink IP Report”. ** Do not uninstall PrilinkNM software **).
  • Step 2: Download and run the installer – ipreport-1.0.0-win32.exe.

Run Report:

  • Step 1: Start PrilinkNM software.
  • Step 2: Highlight your site, hit Enter and select Report from the Site Status menu.
  • Step 3: Select a date to export.
  • Step 4: Browse for a folder to save reports.

Once you hit OK and the report process completes, Windows explorer will open to display the files in the folder that you selected. There are up to 6 export files created. Each file name is prefixed with the date of the data contained in the file and the site name. The format of the date prefix is YYMMDD.

e.g. “150225 SiteA Summary Report.pdf” for February 25th, 2015.

The files created are summarized below:

Summary Report.pdf A fully formatted PDF report with tables and graphs, containing a summary of the top SIP trunks, SIP numbers, IP trunks and IP addresses.
Summary Report.csv A text version of the above, with tables only. Comma delimited text file.
SIP Trunk Records.csv Raw 15-minute traffic data for each SIP trunk. Comma delimited text file.
SIP CDR.csv Call Detail Records for each sip call. Comma delimited text file.
IP Trunk Records.csv Raw 15-minute traffic data for each IP trunk. Comma delimited text file.
IP CDR.csv Connection Detail Records for each IP session. Comma delimited text file.