Online IP Trunk Scan: 400 days of traffic, packet capture and traffic alerts

Prilink’s Online IP Trunk Scan is an ideal diagnostic tool for network engineers and IT software developers who require precise, reliable network data for troubleshooting and testing. Unlike other approaches, Prilink requires no software to be loaded on network servers, which eliminates complexity and ensures absolutely zero impact on server performance. By using dedicated hardware, Prilink is able to automatically scan all background IP traffic while simultaneously allowing users to perform hardware-timestamped packet capture targeted at specific IP addresses, IP-port combinations, or IP-IP pairs. This unmatched capability gives developers both application specific diagnostic information as well as a complete macro view of network activity to provide context for their investigations.

trunk_scan_ipInstall in minutes
Prilink’s small monitor devices can be easily installed between Telco and Router with a just few simple connections. Using only their PC, users have a complete resource to independently troubleshoot and test their applications without any impact to router or servers.

Use on demand
Prilink’s IP Trunk Scan is provided as a service (SaaS), which means you can use the tool whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.


  • Automatically measure bandwidth, peak speed and number of IP sessions in every 15 minute interval for the top 256 IP trunks, IP addresses, IP-Port combinations, and IP-IP pairs. Display traffic on a monthly or daily basis, quickly navigate to any date within the last year.
  • Verify Quality of Service (QoS) settings on router. For any IP address, display a graphical breakdown of traffic by port number for a full 24 hour period or any 15 minute interval. Quickly jump to the most active 15 minute interval of the day. Sort by port number or bandwidth.
  • Troubleshoot networks non-intrusively using hardware-timestamped data capture. Choose any IP trunk, IP address, IP-Port combination, or IP-IP pair to initiate packet capture; no need to enter complex filter syntax to get the data you need. Initiate capture on multiple remote sites simultaneously. Capture files are saved to your PC in Wireshark compatible PCAP file format.
  • Copy data to clipboard for any display and paste into third party tools such as MS Excel for further analysis. In addition, export daily summary report in PDF format as well as raw records in CSV format, making your PC a complete resource for creating any IP trunk reports.
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