IP Network Metadata Demo

IP network metadata

PRILINK’s IP-monitor monitors any IP, Internet and MPLS networks at the carrier demarcation point. It is a small appliance, capable for speed up to 10Gbps, that can be easily deployed to data centers or on-premises in 20-minute.

By analyzing IP-packets in real-time at the demarcation point through network tap or mirror port, IP-monitor automatically compiles metadata that record the TCP / UDP sessions of all IP endpoints. As our metadata are compact in size, the data storage and logistics costs are virtually zero.

IP-monitor is network agnostic, ideal for companies looking for a self-help, secure and cost effective solution to stay on top of network security and to discover what is going through IP network, 24/7/365 and around the globe.

IP Monitor from Telco demarcation point

IP MAC Daily Traffic Screenshot 100% IP endpoint and traffic intelligence:

  • Identify most active endpoints consuming IP bandwidth
  • Discover all internal IP and ports exposed to the public
  • Measure application performance (QoS), every 15-minute, 24/7/365
  • Audit carrier/ISP network SLA
  • Collect internal and external IP endpoint intelligence for cybersecurity
  • Perform network forensic for anything passing through carrier/ISP network
IP Dashboard IP Dashboard Top 30 IP Addresse IP network traffic dashboards: Using any web browser Firefox Icon Chrome Icon MS Edge Icon Safari Icon, multiple users can monitor carrier / ISP network traffic anytime and anywhere, through LAN or VPN.
Daily R-Report Daily metadata CSV files Daily R-report and metadata CSV files: Easy-to-understand report and metadata are accessible from any web browsers Firefox Icon Chrome Icon MS Edge Icon Safari Icon, making it easy for companies to collaborate with vendors to optimize network performance and to export metadata to cybersecurity and business systems.
Wireshark Troubleshooting Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): With 100% network visibility, IP-monitor can isolate and capture IP-packets of any traffic types, from the carrier network demarcation point to your window PC. Captured files are compatible to wireshark and open-sourced analytics utilities, making it easy for developers or users to troubleshoot business applications anytime anywhere.
alert email AI alerts: By keeping track of the patterns of aggregated traffic and the activities of most active IP endpoints over the last 30 days, IP-monitor uses AI to reliably identify network traffic and endpoint anomalies and sends out email alerts immediately to users.