IP & SIP Network Audit

Because a lot of things are hidden from your view unless you see it at demarc point. Our approach gives you true unobscured traffic unlike other report systems that operate behind many layers, such as firewall or SBC in SIP scenario.

True network audit should be done at Demarc point, where actual connections happen.

Here are some of the reasons why our audit will bring value to your business:

  • optimize your business with detailed traffic data in every 15 minute interval so you can schedule your staff accordingly (e.g. call volume for every single phone number in every 15 min interval, both inbound and outbound).
  • verify billing accuracy regarding bandwidth usage, long distance call, and network facilities.
  • know the state of network provisioning. What are the active IP addresses and phone numbers? Are active network ports used for legitimate business purpose? Any trails of DDoS?
  • use unobscured network analytics to collaborate with service providers to resolve on-going problems quickly.
  • generate standard and customized network reports.
  • use our audit to monitor overall network performance, before and after adding business applications to your network.
  • ILEC/CLEC can provide accurate network traffic study or audit to business, without any setup or changes in CO.

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IP SIP Network Audit Cloud   IP SIP Network Audit On Premise
Cloud audit   On-premise audit
Get detailed network audit by following 3 simple steps:   Features
1. phone Contact us (email Sales or call 1-866-261-0649) and supply the following information:
  • Shipping address for meter hardware.
  • Demarc termination type (copper or fiber) and speed.
  • Access to Ethernet tap: supply your own tap or we can optionally include 1G tap for additional $150.00.
2. box Receive meter hardware by courier and attach it at network demarc point using Ethernet tap.
IP SIP Audit Installation
3. devices Download software to your Windows PC and immediately access real-time traffic and reports.
  • Network Size: up to 64 sites simultaneously over 1 month period.
  • Network Interface: 1 GB Ethernet, RJ-45.
  • IP Traffic: upload and download bandwidth and peak speed in every 15 minutes.
  • SIP Traffic: inbound and outbound call volume (including blocked calls) and peak SIP session in every 15 minutes.
  • CDR: Auto register all IP – IP sessions and voice calls and save CDR in your PC. Includes both connect and block calls.
  • Billing and Accounting Audit Reports based on detailed traffic and CDR.
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): Capture data packet for troubleshooting VoIP and other business applications.
  • Real-time Traffic Alerts: Automatic delivery of alarms via e-mail. Alarm conditions include idle time, SIP session threshold, high call blockage, and deviation from normal traffic patterns.
  • Reports: Data is summarized in daily PDF reports, and can also be exported in raw CSV format for integration with existing management systems.