IP and SIP Trunk Network Traffic Monitor and Troubleshooting – Link Layer

Link Layer Traffic

Daily Summary Smart SIP-IP Meter measures the traffic of all EtherTypes, VLAN identifiers and MAC addresses. Traffic data includes the bi-directional bandwidth and speed of all link-layer entities every 15 minutes for the last 4 years. It presents a complete picture of how bandwidth is shared among the link-layer protocols and devices.

Through a simple software interface, users can analyze data over daily and monthly periods to:

  • identify unwanted link-layer traffic and devices
  • provision enough bandwidth for SIP and other business applications during peak traffic periods
  • collaborate effectively with Telcos to verify the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Daily lists of the top 128 EtherTypes, VLAN identifiers and MAC addresses sorted by bandwidth.
IP MAC Overview Screenshot
Monthly Traffic Daily Traffic
Monthly overview of daily network traffic of any EtherType, VLAN identifier, and MAC address. 24-hour view of network activities, bandwidth, and upload and download speed of any link layer entities.
IP MAC Monthly Traffic Screenshot IP MAC Daily Traffic Screenshot