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Contact Centre Network Traffic Analytics at the Edge

C.C. Traffic Analytics compiles SIP-Trunk analytics at the network edge of Contact Centre. It provides network clarity for CC to match business resources to real traffic trends and mitigate traffic anomalies quickly, thus elevating operation agility to new high.

C.C. Traffic Analytics Implementation

Based on real-time IP packet analysis at the network edge of Contact Centre, C.C. Traffic Analytics provides network traffic analytics that are hidden away from the bubble of internal analytics:

C.C. Traffic Analytics Call Routing Call Routing – Keeping track the traffic of 128 call routes or groups that are definable by phone numbers. Traffic analytics include call volume, call blockage with response codes and peak voice channels in 15-minute granularity, 24 x 7 x 365. Also, C.C. Traffic Analytics can trigger email alerts when traffic is above the threshold set by business needs.
C.C Traffic Analytics Voice Quality Voice Quality – Call Detail Record (CDR) includes additional voice quality parameters such as RTP packet lost, jitter and SIP signalling response time. Parameters, measured separately for the incoming and outgoing directions at the edge, can quickly determine whether CC or network side is the root cause of quality issues experienced by customers.
C.C Traffic Analytics R-Report R-report – C.C. Traffic Analytics provides daily reports written in R language. Reports summarize voice applications and network performances together throughout the day, making it easy for CC to allocate business resources matching to real traffic trends. C.C. Traffic Analytics is a building block for network intelligence, analytics are available for CSV- file upload to business management platform and wallboard.
Deep Packet Inspection Troubleshooting DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) – For ultimate troubleshooting experiences, users can capture SIP and RTP packets, filtered by phone numbers, from the edge to Wireshark and other diagnostic tools. Since C.C. Traffic Analytics is not using CC cpu and memory resources, users can troubleshoot voice applications even during peak traffic in a production environment, without compromising CC performances.
t-QuickSight SIP Traffic Overview SIP-trunk Dashboard – Customer journey starts from the digital transformation to network traffic. SIP-trunk Dashboard is an online dashboard comparing this traffic between last 24-hr and 14-day windows, differentiating anomalies from trends. It provides traffic clarity online. CC can keep everyone in sync with customer journeys and collaborate with vendors to mitigate problems quickly.

C.C. Traffic Analytics is carrier and CC platform agnostic. Therefore, it is simple to setup in the Cloud, Data Centre and On-premises. Please see implementation diagram for details.

Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance Proof of Call Routing Contact Centre Health Check
Agencies providing Contact Centre as a service are often mandated to report QoS. C.C. Traffic Analytics provides traffic clarity at the edge. It simplifies the art of provisioning just enough SIP-trunk capacity that letting all calls passing through and accounting for every blocked call.

Business Benefits:
Convincing reporting at low cost.
Companies providing coast to coast logistics are facing the challenges of time zone differences and low tolerance to the delays of material handling. Their contact centres require dynamic call routing keeping all agents, customers and business partners constantly in touch around the clock. Capable of tracking 128 call routes and triggering alerts, C.C. Traffic Analytics is used as a safety-check to ensure routing instructions are executed exactly as planned.

Business Benefits:
Minimize business risk.
Customer journey starts from the digital transformation into network traffic. Therefore, detecting traffic anomalies is an effective method for Contact Centre health check. C.C. Traffic Analytics provides network traffic clarity so that CC can identify root cause and mitigate problems quickly. When irregularities defy common sense, C.C. Traffic Analytics provides DPI feature for gathering real-live evidence from the edge, preempting unnecessary meeting and finger pointing.

Business Benefits:
Business continuity.


C.C. Traffic Analytics as a service is composed of t-Console and SIP-trunk Dashboard. t-Console is a self-contained Window App that includes Call Routing, Voice Quality, R-report, DPI, and storing traffic analytics locally. SIP-trunk Dashboard is optional, please see pricing below for details.

  Basic Enterprise
max simultaneous calls 200 No limit
max sip-meter 3 15
 Call Routing
 Voice Quality
$300 per month $500 per month
SIP-trunk Dashboard (optional) $75 per month $125 per month
physical sip-meter $25 per month $25 per month
virtual sip-meter (note 1) free free

Note 1: Users still need to pay for cloud computing. e.g. AWS will charge $78 per month for a C5N instance on-demand pricing, please check with providers for updates.

Additional Information

play-icont-Console Demo Video

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pdf-icont-Console User Manual

pdf-icont-Console Sample R-Report

pdf-iconC.C. Traffic Analytics Brochure