DEMARC Analytics for Collaboration

Communication is an act of end-points exchanging information. IP Meter provides a complete analytics covering all end-points connected by network, at the demarcation point (DEMARC).

Sharing the same picture of all end-points, business and service providers can collaborate easily to address the needs of Unified Communication and Contact Centre.

1. Internal and External Endpoint Analytics

DEMARC Analytics

  • unlimited IP end-point analytics, SIP end-point analytics with MOS score, 15-min/24/7/365, daily CSV files.
  • traffic analytics of up to 8 sip-trunks, 512 MAC address pairs and 128 voice groups, 15-min/24/7/365, daily CSV files.
  • Applications: business intelligence, application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring, network security and forensic.
All for the cost of a hard drive Hard Drive

2. 360 UC / CC Monitoring with Network Dashboard Addition
DEMARC Dashboard
Airplane Cockpit