DEMARC Analytics for Contact Centre Performance Monitoring

Contact Center Analytics at DEMARC

Making it easy to monitor performance is crucial for contact centre (CC) success, but it is a complex task to consume performance analytics from software applications, hardware virtualization, network equipment and agents.

Analytics from the Telco demarcation point (DEMARC) is a simple and cost-effective alternative, as many call irregularities and bad voice quality measured at DEMARC are caused by CC performance problems. DEMARC analytics is also a reliable network reference for business users to validate call statistics from a single call to Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Contact Centre Bi-directional MOS scorevoice quality

Voice quality is important to customer experience. We provide the MOS score of all calls from the Telco and CC sides. Not only can business users identify any problematic calls, they can easily determine whether Telco or CC side is causing problems. If the MOS score from the CC side is low, it is an indicator that there are real-time performance issues in the CC infrastructure.   Read more … MOS Example

You are the expert Excel

DEMARC analytics is complete. It provides the call statistics of all calls that are compiled from SIP signalling and RTP. Available in daily CSV files, users can easily combine business insights and call statistics in Excel to generate the best reports unique to their environment.

SIP-Trunk Template RTP Profile Template SIP CDR Summary Template

Contact Centre Performance Dashboards ChromeFirefoxMS EdgeSafari

Our real-time dashboards visualize CC dynamics. Available web user interface enables supervisors to see any CC on premise or hosted in datacentres, watching for traffic anomalies from the Telco side and ensuring calls answered, calls blocked, and average talk time are meeting business requirements.

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