Cloud Traffic Metering as a Service

As cloud services are build on top of network, traffic analytics directly from network is fundamental for reality check, performance monitor, firewall and trustworthy metadata for network security.

Cloud Traffic Metering

Why us?

  1. Cloud native, based on traffic mirroring from AWS, AZURE (preview stage), and others supporting VXLAN.
  2. Minimum cloud resources, requiring only a VM instance with 2 network interfaces.
  3. Simple, metadata are generated in real-time, compact and stored into your PC for years.
  4. Versatile, monitor voice and data applications, capture packet to Wireshark, and detect traffic anomalies.
  5. Cost effective, pay by week, month or year.
SIP Trunk Dashboard
  • Firefox Icon Chrome Icon MS Edge Icon Safari Icon  UI
  • live dashboards
  • R daily report
  • daily CSV metadata file – all endpoints and MOS
Wireshark Troubleshooting
  • include all essential features
  • interactive  Windows Icon  UI
  • filter and capture IP packets to Wireshark
  • detect traffic anomalies and send email alerts
  • monitor up to 128 voice groups for UCaaS and CCaaS