Internet Traffic Meter

Available on AWS Marketplace

Internet Analytics and Troubleshooting

Same concept of using smart-meter for water and electricity utilities, PRILINK’s Internet Traffic Meter provides much needed analytics for checking internet traffic, network forensic and ad hoc troubleshooting inside the CLOUD. It takes only a few minutes to setup Internet Traffic Meter in the CLOUD and get ready to access analytics from mobile devices and computers.


  • Smart network traffic meter for the CLOUD, simple and reliable.
  • Cloud traffic analytics and troubleshooting for small business and enterprise.
  • Launch from AWS Management Console and start in minutes.

AWS Services Required

  • EC2, Traffic Mirroring, VPC Peering


Instance Type Bandwidth Price (*)
Small Meter 1 G $150 for 2 weeks
Large Meter 10 G $300 for 2 weeks

(*) 5-day free trial available, but AWS infrastructure charges still apply. Taxes not included.

CLOUD Traffic Monitor, Analytics and Troubleshooting

CLOUD isn’t untouchable. You can collect Internet Traffic Analytics and troubleshoot network problems inside the CLOUD as if it is inside your office or at home. This video shows the simple steps to make it happen.

Internet Traffic Meter – Windows Console

Internet Traffic Meter provides precise analytics to the Cloud that is easy for business to analyze, protect and improve their online services. This video demonstrates how to use Windows Console for network forensic and ad hoc troubleshooting.

Internet Traffic Meter – QuickSight Dashboard

Internet Traffic Meter provides accurate Internet Network Analytics that can be trusted for measuring Internet performance, network forensic and ad hoc troubleshooting. This video demonstrates how you can use QuickSight Dashboard to quickly evaluate Internet performance and traffic anomalies for periods up to 14 days.

Usage Instructions

  1. Launch Internet Traffic Meter via 1-click. Connect to the instance via SSH to activate license. Run the ‘iplink’ command and copy/paste the key provided by Prilink.
  2. Traffic Mirroring: Create a 2nd Network interface and attach it to the Internet Traffic Meter. Create a traffic mirror session using the new interface as a target.
  3. VPC Peering: Create a Peering connection using the Acount, Region, VPC (Accepter), and CIDR information provided by Prilink.
  4. Login to Quicksight and Workspaces.

For comprehensive steps, see deployment video: