Prilink Telco Network Dashboards

Founded in 1995, Prilink provides “Voice network analytics“‚Äč to mission critical UC/CC that require using independent analytics to validate and improve their performance metrics.

Instead of using proprietary data from SBC/PBX/router, we analyze SIP-trunk and PRI protocols in real-time at the Telco demarcation point (DEMARC). Our analytics is accurate, authentic and easy to use, CC managers apply it to work effectively with Telco regarding SLA, QoS, provisioning and service performance.

Besides Telco collaboration, our analytics also improves the inner work experience of CC. Managers can accurately determine the true call blockage during peak hours, test calls from application endpoints to DEMARC, setup Telco dashboards to monitor CC traffic from mobile phone or Windows desktop and a lot more.

Our Customers