TelcoDB-SIP     SIP-Trunk and IP Network Metering @ Demarcation Point (demarc)

SIP Trunk + Internet Network Meter

acd-icon ACD Analytics: ACD queue dashboard showing the exact call volume and the number of callers being blocked in real-time and in front of PBX. Alert-icon Traffic Alert: Generate email alerts for circuit failure, endpoint anomalies and when too many blocked calls at demarc during busy hours.
endpoint-icon Endpoint Analytics: 24/7/365 UTC-timestamped CDR analytics for all external & internal phone numbers and IP endpoints. Security-icon Network Security: Simple to use UI and 24/7/365 endpoint analytics simplifies any tasks of network forensics, network security and billing audits.
QoS-icon Network QoS: 24/7/365 UTC-timestamped traffic analytics of all SIP trunks and IP/Internet connections to Telco/ISPs. Validate SLA, bandwidth provisioning and application QoS. Wireshark-icon Wireshark: Capture IP packets from demarc for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications protocol development, and voice quality audit.
R-Project-icon Report: Automatic daily report in PDF / CSV format using the R programming language. bi-icon Bi: Built-in support to integrate withexcel-iconExcel and export customer-endpoint analytics to BI systems.

Smart SIP-IP Meter for demarc 101

gold-coin-icon All Telco/ISP networks terminated into CC/UC at demarc, it is the golden reference point for getting network analytics and troubleshooting whether Telco/ISP network or application causing problems to customers.
iot-icon Smartphone-sized meter connect quickly to demarc through the network TAPs or mirror ports, it is as simple as connecting IoT device to the cloud in 5 minutes. Learn More …
universal-icon With 100% network visibility at demarc, smart meter analyzes Telco/ISP networks independently. It is compatible to all Telco/ISP networks and will not interfere with CC/UC platforms.

TelcoDB-SIP – A simple solution for SIP Trunk and IP Network analytics, monitoring and troubleshooting

cloud-icon Cloud: TelcoDB Network metering as a service, provides online Telco demarc dashboard and daily endpoint and traffic analytics to call centre and enterprise. Live Dashboard
Telco SIP-trunk Dashboard
windows-icon Windows App: Standalone Windows App is designed for enterprises, service providers and consultants who need a versatile software tool for SIP Trunk and Internet network analytics, monitor and troubleshooting.
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QoS-icon  Network QoS check-icon check-icon
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Alert-icon  Traffic Alert SMS Email
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Network Connection Internet LAN / VPN
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