IP and SIP-Trunk Network Analytics, Traffic Monitor and Security

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Prilink’s IP & SIP-Trunk Network Analytics is essential for today’s business relying on the networks from telecommunication companies (Telco). It provides 4-year network traffic and call detail record (CDR) of all IP end-points and phone numbers crossing over the Telco demarcation points (DP).

Our network analytics provides a network baseline for business to validate the performance metrics of their contact centre and business operations. That ensures the integrity of performance metrics. In addition to 4-year data, it includes network dashboard, troubleshooting tools and Excel templates to simplify many network management tasks that were time consuming and cost prohibitive.


  • Collect IP and SIP-Trunk network analytics from up to 64 sites simultaneously and store data into a local PC/Server
  • Incorporate network analytics into the performance metrics of contact centre and business operations so that business can response with great agility to customer needs and eliminate the risk of missing network perspective in decision process
  • Assure customer service by validating the Quality of Service (QoS) settings of edge router, Session Border Controller (SBC), ACD queues and business applications against the real QoS and call volume at the DP
  • Enhance network defense with the capability of performing network forensics, security and traffic anomaly audits of any IP end-points and phone numbers over the last 4 years
  • Minimize business disruption. Quickly differentiate network from business application problem by analyzing the network analytics during problem periods, and using Smart SIP-IP Meter to capture data packets from DP to Wireshark and other community-based network diagnostic tools
  • Collaborate effectively with Telcos to verify the Service Level Agreement (SLA), network provisioning, and problem resolution based on DP history
TelcoDB SIP-IP Network Analytics Software
Smart Meter Implementation IP & SIP-Trunk Network Analytics System:

  • IP & SIP Network Analytics software license:
    • Control up to 64 Smart SIP-IP Meters
    • Multi-year network traffic, SIP & IP CDR
    • Real-time SIP trunk and IP traffic Dashboard
    • Daily report using R language, data export to Microsoft Excel
    • All DID and up to 128 ACD queues traffic
    • Email alert for ACD threshold and SIP traffic anomalies
  • Smart SIP-IP Meter:
    • Meter port: 2 x 1G RJ45
    • QoS / traffic of all MAC-MAC address pairs, and Ethertypes (including VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q))
    • QoS / traffic and CDR of all IP endpoints, IP-IP routes, and TCP/UDP ports used by applications
    • SIP trunk: 16 SIP trunks, 64K simultaneous SIP calls, inbound & outbound traffic and CDR, including blocked calls with response code
    • Troubleshooting: Capture 2 Gbyte data packet at 1 Gbit/s from remote demarc points to Wireshark
    • Network Table: Auto DNS lookup and user-defined names of phone # and IP address
Smart SIP-IP Meter Implementation For Telco Implementation with Mirror PortSmart SIP-IP Meter Implementation for Telco 1G Mirror port
SIP-Trunk Dashboard
SIP-Trunk Dashboard
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